Radiant Heating for Centerville, UT

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If you’re looking for an efficient way to comfortably heat your home, consider a radiant heating system. Custom Comfort has qualified technicians with advanced knowledge to meet all your home-heating needs. Let us help you discover true comfort with radiant heat flooring.

How Radiant Heat Works

Radiant heating systems use hot water tubes or electric wiring to create heat directly beneath a usable surface. While in-floor heating remains the most common type of radiant heat, wall panels or ceiling tiles may also contain radiant heat systems.

In contrast to regular forced-air systems, radiant heat uses infrared radiation to transfer warmth to a room and people in it. This type of system also relies on heat’s natural patterns to maximize energy use. Since heat naturally rises, in-floor radiant heat systems capitalize on this effect to heat your room quickly and efficiently. This means radiant heat requires less energy to produce and control.

All in all, radiant heat flooring creates a more direct transfer of heat, which means less energy waste—and a lower cost of operation.

Our Customized Options

All of our services come with the option for customization. Whether you require radiant heat flooring installation or replacement, don’t hesitate to request exactly what you want. We strive to put the “custom” in customer.

Our customized service goes hand in hand with our goal for 100% customer satisfaction. As such, we use well-trained technicians and the highest-quality systems available.

Our Wide Service Area

We serve customers in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, with radiant heat flooring and countless other capable services. Let our 27 years of experience assure you of our trustworthy work.

We aim to ensure that your home gives you the comfort you deserve. Contact us at 801-294-5300 today to receive a free bid for radiant heat flooring in Centerville, UT and the surrounding areas.

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