Connect an Outdoor Gas Grill or Another Appliance

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A lot of outdoor kitchen and cooking appliances require a gas line to fuel them. The nice thing about using a gas line rather than another fuel source — like charcoal or electric — is the ease and convenience a gas hookup allows. Adding that gas line to your outdoor appliances comes with several important considerations.

  1. Do You Already Use Natural Gas in Your Home?

If you already have gas-burning appliances or heating in your home, then you can connect your outdoor appliances to your gas supply line. You can find tutorials and videos which show you how to do it, but this procedure is not something you should attempt on your own.

Many people assume that the process of adding on to an existing gas line consists only of opening the line and adding a connection. However, you’ll also have to:

  • Choose the right piping size
  • Choose the right piping type
  • Make sure that the new line can provide the proper pressure
  • Know where to place the shutoff

Other factors go into branching off a gas line as well. Always seek professional advice, instruction, and installation.

If you don’t already have a natural gas line in your home, then you can have a new one installed for the express purpose of fueling your outdoor appliances. The process can require some extra work, but the same rules apply. You’ll need plumbing and gas-piping professionals to help you achieve your goal.

  1. Do You Have Permission to Run a New Gas Line?

Modifying or adding an outside gas connection can involve some legalities. You may need to seek permission from the municipality or your homeowners’ association before you do anything.

Your locale may want you to seek a permit before installing anything related to gas. In addition, your town may require you to get an inspection to make sure that the project falls within building code guidelines.

This all makes sense when you consider that you’re working with something that poses a very real danger to you, your neighbors, and your local environment. If in doubt, always check with your town and your local plumbing, heating, and cooling services.

Also, if you rent a property, share ownership of it, or don’t fully own it, then don’t move forward with any kind of modifications. Only a property owner can authorize such changes. If you share ownership, you still must discuss modifications to the gas plumbing with your co-owners.

  1. How Do You Want to Configure Your Outdoor Appliances?

When choosing your appliances, make sure that they can fit where you want them to fit. That area will typically represent where your gas line can reach. In this case, the location of your gas line can dictate which appliances you choose and where you set them up.

Some people want gas grills, but grills aren’t the only outdoor appliances that can run on gas. For example, you may want to add side-burners, an oven, or even a gas-powered refrigerator. The more you add, the more consideration you need to give to how you will connect these things.

Your outside gas connection will limit where you place your appliances. You’ll need to make sure that you invest in outdoor kitchen appliances that can work with the kind of gas piping infrastructure you have or want.

In addition, choose appliances that are specifically designed to work with natural gas. Some appliances can work with natural gas but aren’t specifically designed to do so. If you have to make an unsanctioned modification to get your appliance to work with natural gas, then you should probably avoid that appliance.

When it comes to gas piping for your outdoor kitchen and cooking appliances, don’t take risks. At Custom Comfort, we have the experience to help develop a custom gas piping solution for your home. If you want to experience the benefits of natural gas cooking outdoors, contact us today.


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